About Nick

nickandsis“My passion for cooking started out of necessity. My mom was a single mother working for one of the most successful tech companies in the world and travel was a regular part of her career. This meant I was the man of the house. I needed to step up and do whatever it took to protect (and feed) my family. I developed a true passion for taking care of my sister and cooking dinner was the perfect excuse for me to eat as much as possible.

My parents always told me that it was rude to play with my food so, naturally, I wanted to do it. I became obsessed with it, constantly thinking of new ways to stretch the ingredients I had in my dorm room refrigerator and coming up with masculine recipes to make for my friends. I soon learned – real men cook.

nickAs I journeyed through my twenties, food inspired me to take risks. I found my passion in reviving old-fashioned ingredients and making them sexy again. It became my mission to inspire all men out there and prove to them that real men cook! My plates are simple but bold – reckless but refined. I take calculated risks and always remain true to who I am. As a contestant on Season 6 of Master Chef, I learned what my life was meant to be. It taught me to have fun and never take myself too serious. I will always remain humble and respect the opportunity I was given. I was put on this earth to serve others through my creative vision and love for fresh ingredients. One love. Westside.”

-Nick Nappi



Nick’s journey to becoming the next MasterChef started when his girlfriend, Jenelle, secretly applied for him. When he got the call, he was surprised and excited by the opportunity.  Nick dedicated himself one hundred percent to chasing his dream.  Nick quit his job and headed to LA to pursue his dream of becoming America’s best home cook.